Women on the Tee Community

About the Women In Golf Charter category

There are a growing number of golf clubs and organisations around the World signing up to the RandA Women in Golf Charter FOREeveryone,

This area within the WOTT community is for everyone with an interest in supporting, implementing and signing up to the Women in Golf Charter, FOREeveryone initiative from the RandA.

If you are an organisation or club who have signed up to the charter, or are in the process of doing so, or are thinking about it, then please use this space to share your ideas and thinking in order for us learn from each other, create some best practice ideas and improve Womens Golf.

Please use this space to

  • ask and answer questions
  • share your ideas, what works, what does not and how you are implementing your ideas
  • ask for feedback on your ideas and initiatives
  • vote on ideas

We believe it is important to be able to share our experiences and ideas in order to improve Golf for all Women, as well as sharing our experiences with other sections within our golf clubs.